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Dave Durenberger & Ben Schierer Minnesota's future is at the local level March 27, 2020 Doug Loon Minnesota Chamber COVID-19 recovery will differ across state business sectors; workforce is state's biggest challenge July 10, 2020 Joe Mahon Minneapolis Fed Additional unemployment benefits a major boon; new tool to aid state and local governments June 26, 2020 Mark Haveman Fiscal expert Fiscal impact of pandemic on state and local governments largely unknown, making long-range planning difficult June 19, 2020 Louis Johnston Economics Professor Current pandemic recession differs from typical recession, needs different policy response June 12, 2020 Kim Wyman Washington Secretary of State State's gradual move to vote-by-mail elections has increased turnout without higher cost May 15, 2020 Steve Simon Minnesota Secretary of State Mail-in voting needed in Minnesota's current health emergency and democracy emergency April 24, 2020 Jane Prince & Khalique Rogers & Joe Nathan Prioritize housing for homeless youth, families; listen to formerly, currently homeless youth February 21, 2020 Mary Tingerthal Former Housing Commissioner Offsite construction offers potential savings for building multifamily low-income housing January 17, 2020 Matt Byrne & John Long Gnomi Gnomi app is technology-based approach to pointing out media bias November 8, 2019 William Rudelius Emeritus Professor Rein in college athletics to get student athletes back to classrooms, protect their health, enrich their lives, reduce tuition for all students October 25, 2019 Steve Minn Lupe Development Inclusionary zoning ordinance in Minneapolis is 'unfunded mandate' for developers October 11, 2019 Alan Arthur Aeon's President and CEO Over next two decades, housing situation for lower-income persons in Twin Cities and nationally will be worst since Great Depression of 1930s September 20, 2019 Civic Caucus Internal Discussion and John Adams Q and A Civic Caucus What else do we need to learn about low-income housing issues? July 26, 2019 Jim Solem Former Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) Commissioner No grand solution to affordable housing; use existing tools, expand them as far as possible, keep plugging away July 19, 2019 Mark Wright Federal Reserve Bank Increase supply of housing, incentivize private sector to build more, recognize trade-offs and shared sacrifice July 12, 2019 Owen Metz & Paula Prahl Dominium Housing Use tax-exempt bonds, federal tax credits to maximize production of affordable housing June 21, 2019 Jennifer Ho Minnesota Housing Commissioner Fix Minnesota's broken housing market over next 10 years May 31, 2019 Steve Wellington Wellington Management Find most efficient way to develop 8,000 affordable housing units each year in Minnesota May 3, 2019 Lee Blons Beacon Housing More rental subsidies could empty homeless shelters April 5, 2019 Tim Marx Catholic Charities Twin Cities headed toward unsheltered homeless challenges of Seattle or Los Angeles March 8, 2019 Chad Schwitters Urban Homeworks It's redemptive to use housing to effect community change February 22, 2019 Steve Horsfield Simpson Housing Homelessness situation in Minnesota becoming more dire January 25, 2019 Mikkel Beckmen Hennepin Housing Coordinator We must increase political will to provide housing January 18, 2019 Wayne Jennings Long-time educator Use brain-compatible, competency-based, project-based learning to meet goals of K-12 education December 14, 2018 Jon Gutzmann St. Paul Public Housing Try new strategies to increase supply of affordable housing December 7, 2018 Greg Russ Minneapolis Public Housing Authority Use state, local funds for housing vouchers and private capital, equity markets, nonprofit ownership for public housing needs November 16, 2018 Jon Commers & Libby Starling Met Council Half of all metro rental households suffer housing cost burden November 9, 2018 John Adams Emeritus Professor Biggest weaknesses in Minnesota housing are on demand side November 2, 2018